Tiger Cubs (ages 3-5)

Tuesday 3:15p-4p | Danica 

 Tiger Cubs Kung Fu is designed to teach Northern Shaolin for the preschool  age.  Kids will engage in a safe and fun environment while exploring the discipline of martial arts.  Leaping tigers and flying cranes will navigate obstacles, learn self defense, and learn Shaolin's signature agility.


Firecrackers (ages 6-9)


Tuesday 4p-5p  | Heather and Danica

This non-combative practice is ideal for youth, encouraging health and fitness through movement. The Northern Shaolin (Sil Lum) style of kung fu is one of the most prominent traditional northern styles of Chinese martial arts. It emphasizes long range techniques, quick advances and retreats, wide stances, kicking and leaping techniques, whirling circular blocks, quickness and agility.


Dragons (ages 10-14)


Tuesday 5p-6p | Michele and Heather

Thursday 4:30p-5:30p | Michele and Danica 

This class is specifically designed for kids growing toward adulthood. It combines the athleticism, techniques, and fundamentals of Sil Lum Kung Fu with self-defense awareness, techniques and skills that every kid should have as they begin to navigate their world, and the city, more on their own.