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The Northern Shaolin (Sil Lum) style of kung fu emphasizes long range techniques, quick advances and retreats, wide stances, kicking and leaping techniques, whirling circular blocks, quickness and agility. The system teaches empty-hand techniques and weaponry through predetermined combinations, known as forms, routines, or movement of sets. The students learn the basics by practicing the routines until the movements can be executed naturally and instinctually. Then, two or multiple man sets are practiced to train responses and applications of techniques learned from the sets. The gracefulness and fluidness of the movements combined with acrobatic techniques are trademarks of the Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu sets.

Koo’s Tai Chi
was created by the famous martial artist “Iron Palm” Koo Yu Cheung. Koo Yu Cheung was a native of Jiangsu, China. He was one of the most famous kung fu masters of our time and was especially renown for his Iron Palm skills. His Father, Koo Lei Chi, was a Master of the Tam Tui (Springy Leg) style of Kung Fu.   Tai Chi focuses on the basics including balance, alignment, posture, stances, structural integrity, Qigong, single techniques, and Tai chi principles.

Cheung Yiu Sing Sifu is a member of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association, a dragon and lion dance coach, and a taolu match judge. He dedicates himself to promoting, organizing and supervising the Tai-Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Sword and taolu events and

competitions at the Northern Shao Lin Lung Chi Cheung Martial Arts Association. Additionally, Cheung Sifu was appointed as judge of the Hong Kong Lion Dance Demonstration Competition and the Dragon Dance Competition. In 1997-1998, Cheung Sifu represented Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association and won a gold medal in the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship. He was a team member of Hong Kong Dragon Dance representing Hong Kong and participating in the Dragon Dance Competitions in Shanghai and Guangzhou, China. Currently, Cheung Sifu is a martial arts course instructor in Hong Kong, teaching at Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School, PLK Fung Ching Memorial Primary School, Holy Trinity Primary School, SKH Wei Lun Primary School, as well as Shatin Wong Uk Children programme. Cheung Sifu is the registered instructor of the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department where he teaches Tai-Chi and Tai-Chi Sword classes in Discovery

Bay, and Tai-Chi Sword class in Wong Tai Sin. For the past several years, his students participated in the Hong Kong Children Chinese Martial Arts (Age

Group) Competition and Chinese Martial Arts Self-Attainment Award Display, attaining remarkable achievements. These competitions were held and sponsored by Hong Kong Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association and Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department respectively. Indeed, Cheung Sifu’s primary goals are to nurture the next generation and to promote the Chinese Martial Arts to the world.


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