Class Schedule


          4p-5p| Firecrackers (6-9 yo)

                       Heather and Emma

      5p-6p| Dragons (10-14 yo)

                          Michele and Heather

6p-7p| Tai Chi (all levels)


     7p-8p| Sil Lum (all levels)


We encourage the Sil Lum students to take Tai Chi class as a warm up for the Sil Lum class.


                      1:00p-2:00p| Restorative Tai Chi      (all levels)      Michele

                 4:30p-5:30p| Dragons (10-14 yo)

                                           Michele and Danica

             5:30p-6:30p| Tai Chi (Adv. only) 


           6:30p-7:30p| Tai Chi Sword (by permission) Michele



5p-6p| Tai Chi Basics (all levels)


             6p-7p| Sil Lum Basics (all level/ required for Adv. classes) 


               7p-8p| Sil Lum Training (Adv.) 


class prices

Single Class: $18 (all classes)

Monthly Fee: Kids--$60 one class/ week, $100 two classes per week

Monthly Fee: Adults--$60 one class per week, $75 two classes per week, $90 unlimited classes

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